Sonos version 10.4 platform features

Updates in Sonos version 10.4:

  • Users can disable connected products from the Sonos app. See Users can remove connections in Authorize for details. We’re rolling this out in stages, so you may not see it in your Sonos app.
  • Audio Clip works on the Sonos One, Amp, Play:5 (gen 2), Beam, One SL, Move, as well as the SYMFONISK table lamp with WiFi and SYMFONISK WiFi bookshelf speakers. See the audioClip namespace for details.
  • When testing your service integration, you can enter the non-SSL endpoint, such as an IP address on your local network in the Secure Endpoint URL on the Custom service descriptor page when adding your service to a player. But you’ll need a secure endpoint in order to submit your application; the endpoint must be a valid hostname that matches the certificate. See the Test your service on Sonos with Custom SD section in Test your service for details.
  • Fixed typos in Subscribe examples. In the Subscribe to events section, line 2 was missing /api/ segment. Correct line should be:
  • The httpAuthorization parameter in loadAudioClip can now handle a value up to 512 bytes. Previously it was limited to 128 bytes.
  • We’re in the process of consolidating all of our content service partner documentation onto this portal. We added the following documentation:  Supported audio formatsHTTP Live Streaming (HLS)Add paginationAdd play/shuffle allAdd searchStrings and localization.

Known issues:

  • The Sonos Play:1 does not support audio clips. This release introduced a bug that includes the AUDIO_CLIP capability in the player object for the Play:1.

See Release notes for Sonos software for customer-facing features.