New APIs: audioClip & playlists

With the October 9th release of Sonos version 9.2, we’re excited to bring you two new namespaces with new APIs:audioClip and playlists. See Release notes for Sonos software for customer-facing features.

Audio clip

You can now play short audio clips on Sonos speakers. Check out the audioClip namespace for details.

This namespace is experimental. Some of the functionality may not yet work as documented. For example, the AUDIO_CLIP capability in the player object has not yet been released, so you won’t be able to tell which players support audio clips and which do not. Currently, the only players that support audio clips are the Sonos One and the Beam. See the groups object for details about capabilities.

We’ll let you know when we’ve added more functionality. Keep an eye on this blog for details.


Your app or hardware integration can now get the list of Sonos playlists in a household and load one to start playback. Sonos activates the chosen playlist in the default playback session and starts playback, as if the user selected the playlist using the Sonos app. See the playlists namespace for details.

We look forward to seeing these new APIs in your apps and hardware integrations!