Sonos Music API > getExtendedMetadata

Sonos uses the getExtendedMetadata request to display more information about the content in the Sonos app. See Add actions for details.

Request parameters

Name Type Description
id string
The unique id of the item about which extended metadata is being requested. This can be any valid itemType.


Include the response in a getExtendedMetadataResult inside a getExtendedMetadataResponse element. See SMAPI object types for details about these element.

Name Type Description
mediaCollection complex A complex type describing an album, artist, program, container, etc.
mediaMetadata complex A complex type describing a track or stream.
relatedBrowse complex (Optional) Array of relatedBrowse elements.
relatedText complex
(Optional) Array of relatedText elements.
relatedPlay complex
(Optional) Array of relatedPlay elements.
relatedActions complex
(Optional) Array of action elements.


  • Your service should return either a mediaMetadata or a mediaCollection. Return a mediaMetadata if describing an individual item such as a track, stream, or show. Return a mediaCollection if describing a collection of items, such as an album or artist. See SMAPI object types for details of these elements.
  • The response could optionally include one or more each of relatedBrowse, relatedText, and relatedPlay elements. The response could include one relatedActions element.
  • The mediaMetadata node may optionally contain a dynamic tag. See the Dynamic ratings section in Develop ratings for details.
  • By default, Sonos calls getExtendedMetadata for any itemType except playlist, program, and stream. However, you can set Sonos to call getExtendedMetadata for these item types by setting capability flags. See Add capabilities for details.
    • For the program and stream item types, enable the “Extended Metadata for radio and streams…” capability flag.
    • For the playlist item type, enable the “Extended Metadata for playlists…” capability flag. Note that you can develop and test extended metadata for playlists using customSD, but you need to contact your developer advocate to enable it in production. See Test your service for details about testing with customSD.

Sample request

Sample response for a track

Sample response for an artist

Sample response for an album

Sample response for a program

Sample response for a playlist