Sonos Music API > getDeviceAuthToken

Sonos uses getDeviceAuthToken to authenticate users so they can use your service. See Add authentication for details. Sonos makes this request on your secure (https:) endpoint.

Request parameters

Name Type Description
householdId string(255) The Sonos household ID requesting the link code.
linkCode string The authorization code you returned in your getAppLink response.

If a link code is not provided, it indicates Sonos is upgrading the authentication mode for a player’s records. In this case, the request Header will also include the username and password in the credentials. See Upgrade to OAuth for details.

linkDeviceId string (Optional) The player sends back the value you provided in the deviceLink object in your getAppLink response. Use the linkDeviceId to ensure that the device you originally gave the token to is the same device sending you the request.
callbackPath string (Optional) Reserved for future use.


Include the response in a deviceAuthTokenResult inside a deviceAuthTokenResponse element.

Name Type Description
authToken string(2048) The authorization token for the household. The maximum length is 2048 characters.
privateKey string(2048) The key field can be used to hold any additional information necessary to use the token. The maximum length is 2048 characters.
userInfo complex (Optional, but recommended) Use this object to return the user’s nickname on your service. The Sonos app will pre-populate this nickname for the account holder when they add your service to their Sonos household.


Name Type Description
nickname string(32) (Optional) The user’s screen name. If you provide this field, Sonos will use it to pre-fill the account nickname during account setup.
userIdHashCode string Your service’s immutable opaque identifier of the user. Sonos will use this for personalization options available in a future release.

We strongly urge you to avoid putting any identifying information in this string. For additional security, Sonos does not store this information in its raw form but stores a hash value of this string.

accountType enum Deprecated. (Optional) If you support different account tiers, you can return them here. Values are: premium, trial, free
accountStatus enum Deprecated. (Optional) You can send the account status to Sonos. Values are: active, restricted, expired
profileUrl string(2048) Deprecated. (Optional) A URL to the user’s profile.
pictureUrl string(2048) Deprecated. (Optional) A URL to the user’s profile.

Any other fields that may be in the WSDL are not yet implemented and are reserved for future use. Download the WSDL from SOAP requests and responses.

Sample request

Sample valid response

Sample valid response with user info