The playlists namespace enables your app or hardware integration to enumerate the list of Sonos playlists in a household and load one to start playback.

Listeners create Sonos playlists in the Sonos app. Sonos playlists can include tracks or playlists from multiple content services. The Sonos app displays playlists in a swimlane in My Sonos. It also adds favorited playlists to this swimlane.

Note: As a best practice, use the favorites and playlists namespaces together if you use them. The Sonos app combines the results of these two namespaces in different swimlanes. If you don’t use these together, users may think some of their content is missing in your integration.

The tables below list the commands and events available in the playlists namespace.


Command Description
getPlaylists Get the list of playlists for a household.
loadPlaylist Activate a playlist within the default playback session. Operates as if the listener selected the playlist using the Sonos app. This command interrupts any active private playback sessions.
subscribe Subscribe to events in the playlists namespace.
unsubscribe Unsubscribe from events in the playlists namespace.


Object Description
playlist Describes a Sonos playlist in the household. See Sonos playlists in the Save your favorites section in the Sonos user guide for details.