playerVolume > playerVolume

The playerVolume event in the playerVolume namespace indicates changes to the volume for a player, the mute state for the player and whether the player volume is fixed or can be changed.

When your app subscribes to the playerVolume namespace and receives this event, it can update its user interface to reflect the latest group volume and group mute state. For example, if a user configures a CONNECT to have a fixed line-out volume, your app will receive a playerVolume event with the fixed parameter value of true. Your app should then disable its volume slider so users know that volume adjustments are not permitted.


The playerVolume event returns a playerVolume object in the body. The getVolume command also returns a playerVolume object.

See the Control documentation for descriptions of parameters in the header. The playerVolume object contains the parameters listed in the table below.

Parameters Type Value
fixed boolean Indicates whether or not the volume for the player is fixed or changeable. If true, your app cannot change the group volume. If false, your app can change the group volume. For example, the CONNECT has fixed-volume line-level output.
muted boolean Indicates whether or not the group is muted. If true, the group is muted. If false, the group is not muted.
volume number Indicates the volume of the player, between 0 and 100.