playbackSession > sessionStatus

The player returns the sessionStatus object type in the response to the createSession, joinSession, or joinOrCreateSession command and indicates whether the session was newly-created or already existing.


See the table below for descriptions of parameters in this object.

Parameter Type Value
sessionState string The session state. This will always be SESSION_STATE_CONNECTED, to indicate that the player successfully created the session. If there is an error, your app will receive a sessionError. This parameter may be deprecated in a future release.
sessionId string Identifies the session created or joined.
sessionCreated boolean Indicates whether your app joined a newly-created session or an existing session. If true, the player created a new session. If false, the player joined your app to an existing session.
customData string Up to 1023 bytes of additional data provided when the session was created. Text longer than 1023 bytes is truncated.