playback > setPlayModes

Use the setPlayModes command in the playback namespace to change group play modes, such as repeat, repeat one track, shuffle, and crossfade. See Play Modes for details.

Configure a play mode in the playModes array by adding a “true” or “false” value for the mode, or omit a play mode to leave it unchanged:



Request Parameters

This command requires a groupId to determine the target of the command. See the Control documentation for details.

See the table below for a description of the parameter in the body.

Parameter Type Value
playModes playMode An array of play modes that define the functionality of one or more play modes: repeat, repeatOne, shuffle, and crossfade. Any omitted play modes remain unchanged. See the playMode type for details.


Returns an empty body with a success value of true and generates a playbackStatus event from the group coordinator if your integration changed a play mode.

In the event of a failure, returns a globalError or a playbackError.



Send this playModes array to disable all available play modes:

Send to enable the repeat play mode:

If you successfully changed a play mode, the group coordinator generates a playbackStatus event.