playback > pause

Use the pause command in the playback namespace to pause group playback.

After a successful pause command, if your app is subscribed to the playback namespace, it will receive a playbackStatus event with either PLAYBACK_STATE_PAUSED or PLAYBACK_STATE_IDLE, depending on the audio source loaded on the group.



Request Parameters

There are no request parameters in the body, all of the request parameters are in the header.

This command requires a groupId to determine the target of the command. See the Control documentation for details.


Returns an empty body with a success value of true if playback was paused on the group or if the group was already paused or idle, and generates a playbackStatus event if the playback state was changed.

In the event of a failure, returns a globalError or a playbackError. For example, if there’s no audio source loaded on the group, your app will receive an ERROR_PLAYBACK_NO_CONTENT.