playbackMetadata > metadataStatus

The metadataStatus event in the playbackMetadata namespace indicates changes to the metadata for the currently playing track and the next track, if available.


See the Control documentation for descriptions of parameters in the header. See the table below for descriptions of parameters in the body.

Parameter Type Value
container container A container object indicating the current playback source.  The container describes and identifies what is currently playing, for example, the programmed radio station, music service playlist, or linein source. If no content is loaded, the container field will not be present.
currentItem item A playback object for the current item. See the item playback object for the data structure of this object.
nextItem item A playback object for the item that will play after the currently playing track finishes. See the item playback object for the data structure of this object. Only included if there is a next track.
streamInfo string (Optional) An unstructured text string describing what is currently playing. Typically only available for stations that do not have currentItem information.


Here’s an example with tags in the container indicating explicit content:

Sonos speakers that send TV audio, such as the Sonos Beam, send a name key value of “TV Audio” when the type is linein.homeTheater: