homeTheater > setTvPowerState

If the HDMI CEC bus is available, the setTvPowerState command in the homeTheater namespace will instruct the home theater capable device to send a CEC “TV On” command on the bus. The CEC specification does not require that the device acknowledges commands. Support for this command varies by TV manufacturer. If the TV sends a success or failure response to the player, the player provides it to your integration. Otherwise, the player returns a generic success response.

Note that this command is only applicable for Sonos players that support HDMI ARC. Currently this is only the Beam. If your integration sends this command to a player that doesn’t support it, the player returns a globalError with an errorCode of:

  • ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_NAMESPACE for non-home theater speakers, or
  • ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_COMMAND for home theater speakers without CEC HDMI support.



Request Parameters

This command requires a playerId to determine the target of the command. See the Control documentation for details.

See the table below for descriptions of parameters in the body.

Parameter Type Value
tvPowerState tvPowerState The TV Power State control options.


Returns an empty body with a success value of true if successful. In the event of a failure, returns a globalError.