audioClip > audioClip

Describes on audio clip queued for playback on a Sonos player.


Parameter Type Value
appId string This string identifies the app that created the audioClip. Companies should use their reversed Internet domain name as the identifier, similar to
clipType audioClipType (Optional) Sonos plays a built-in sound when this option is provided. The default value is CHIME.
errorCode error (Optional) Custom error code for audio clips. See the table below for details.
id string Sonos generates this unique identifier and assigned to the audio clip.
name string User identifiable string.
priority priority (Optional) Clip priority. Clips are low priority by default.
status audioClipState This field indicates the state of the audio clip, for example, if it’s active, it’s currently playing. Audio clips transition from pending (on load) to active to done. Sonos returns the state only in events. See the table below for the available states and values.

audioClipState string enum type parameters

Value Description
ACTIVE Currently playing.
DISMISSED Dismissed.
DONE Playback complete.
ERROR Playback encountered an error.
INTERRUPTED Playback interrupted, for example, by a high priority audio clip.

Custom error codes

Error code Description
ERROR_AUDIO_CLIP_ID_NOT_FOUND The specified audio clip id was not recognized by the player. This may be because the player purged it from memory. Players purge audio clips from memory after playing them.
ERROR_AUDIO_CLIP_MEDIA_ERROR The media type is not supported by Sonos.
ERROR_AUDIO_CLIP_PAUSE_CONTENT_FAILED The audio clip cannot be played because the server failed to pause the content when requested by the client.