Note: This namespace is experimental. Some of the functionality may not yet work as documented. Sonos supports audio clips on new players and players that have a microphone. This includes Sonos One, Amp, Port, Play:5 (gen 2), Beam, One SL, Move, as well as the SYMFONISK table lamp with WiFi and SYMFONISK WiFi bookshelf speakers. Keep an eye on our blog for updates.

The audioClip namespace enables your app or hardware integration to play short audio clips on Sonos. You’ll have the option of specifying a custom URL or using a Sonos provided sound. The clip may be mixed with any playing content. Not all devices can implement the commands in this namespace. Devices that support the commands include the AUDIO_CLIP capability in the player object (see the group object for details).

Commands in this namespace are player targeted, by default.

The tables below list the commands and events available in the audioClip namespace.


Command Description
loadAudioClip Schedules an audio clip for playback.
subscribe Subscribe to events in the audioClip namespace.
unsubscribe Unsubscribe from events in the audioClip namespace.

Events, objects, and enumerations

Object Description
audioClip Describes an audio clip and its current status.
audioClipStatus Evented whenever Sonos schedules, executes, or dismisses a clip.
audioClipType Identifies the type of sound Sonos should play.
priority Used to prioritize the order of concurrent clips.