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Here’s a list of available namespaces, commands, HTTP method, and paths to use after the base URL and version. Click a namespace or command for details. Click Grid View to see these commands in a grid.

The base URL is the API gateway to the Sonos cloud and the current version number:

See Control for details.

Namespace Command Method Path
audioClip loadAudioClip POST
audioClip subscribe POST
audioClip unsubscribe DELETE
favorites getFavorites GET
favorites loadFavorite POST
favorites subscribe POST
favorites unsubscribe DELETE
groups getGroups GET
groups createGroup POST
groups modifyGroupMembers POST


groups subscribe POST
groups unsubscribe DELETE
groupVolume getVolume GET
groupVolume setVolume POST
groupVolume setRelativeVolume POST
groupVolume setMute POST
groupVolume subscribe POST
groupVolume unsubscribe DELETE
homeTheater getOptions GET
homeTheater loadHomeTheaterPlayback POST
homeTheater setOptions POST
homeTheater setTvPowerState POST
households getHouseholds GET
musicServiceAccounts match POST
playback getPlaybackStatus GET
playback loadLineIn POST
playback play POST
playback pause POST
playback seek POST
playback seekRelative POST
playback setPlayModes POST
playback skipToNextTrack POST
playback skipToPreviousTrack POST
playback subscribe POST
playback togglePlayPause POST
playback unsubscribe DELETE
playbackMetadata getMetadataStatus GET
playbackMetadata subscribe POST
playbackMetadata unsubscribe DELETE
playbackSession createSession POST
playbackSession joinSession POST
playbackSession joinOrCreateSession POST
playbackSession loadCloudQueue POST
playbackSession loadStreamUrl POST
playbackSession refreshCloudQueue POST
playbackSession skipToItem POST
playbackSession seek POST
playbackSession seekRelative POST
playbackSession subscribe POST
playbackSession suspend POST
playbackSession unsubscribe DELETE
playerVolume getVolume GET
playerVolume setVolume POST
playerVolume setRelativeVolume POST
playerVolume setMute POST
playerVolume subscribe POST
playerVolume unsubscribe DELETE
playlists getPlaylist POST
playlists getPlaylists GET
playlists loadPlaylist POST
playlists subscribe POST
playlists unsubscribe DELETE