Use the Sonos Control API to interact with Sonos. First, discover Sonos households and groups. Then use Control API commands for basic transport control, such as play, pause, and skip. You can also subscribe to events from the player, like song metadata. The Control API categorizes functionality by namespace. Select a namespace in the menu for details.

The Sonos Music API (SMAPI) determines how content appears in the Sonos app if you are a service provider. SMAPI also enables playback. See Content Service: Get Started for details.

The Sonos APIs that enable playback are:

  • The Cloud Queue API, which defines the interface between a player and your cloud queue server. The player calls to your server via this API to retrieve a window of track URLs to play. Use these endpoints on your cloud queue server.
  • SMAPI playback APIs. For example, the getMediaURI message resolves a track ID to the media URL for playback on the player. See the Sonos Music API reference pages for details.

Sonos sends custom data types as responses to commands and in events. See each namespace or Types for details.