Meet Your Sonos Sound Platform Dev Advocates

Welcome to the Sonos Sound Platform. We’d like to take a couple minutes of your time to introduce ourselves. We’re the developer advocates for the Sonos platform, and we can’t wait to help you build incredible experiences for our listeners.


I’m Matt Welch, and I’m the lead dev advocate for the platform. My sole goal is to help devs and partners build incredible things on our platform. I’ve been a Sonos owner for about 8 years, and was actually hacking on Sonos before I even joined the company. I wrote a lot of blog posts on the subject in that unofficial capacity. I’m looking forward to writing a lot of posts here in my more official capacity.

Currently listening to: Great Thunder, the latest Waxahatchee record
First Concert: Adam Ant at the Norfolk Boathouse


I’m Nancy Hernandez, a developer advocate here to support you through your journey on the Platform. I’ve been at Sonos for over 4 years now and enjoying every minute. Look forward to connecting with you through this blog.

Currently listening to: Rock This
First Concert: Wango Tango at the Rose Bowl

Of course, we’re just the public representatives of the platform. There’s a big team that has built this platform over the past few years. We are deeply grateful to and proud of them. We’ll be introducing them to you all on this blog as we grow the platform together.

Welcome. Let’s Build Great Things

We won’t keep you any more, as we know you’re anxious to start making things. Dig in to our docs, read about everything you can do, and build great experiences for our listeners. We’ll leave you with a playlist of tunes, selected by the men and women who built the Sonos Sound Platform. This was the fuel that drove our team as we put this all together. We hope it helps you make great things.