Introducing Sonos’ Sound Experience Guidelines

Here at Sonos, we’ve spent more than a decade thinking very deeply about how sound can be experienced in the home. We love bringing joy to our listeners through design elements like the Signature Detail on our superb Play:5 and the crystal clear sound that Trueplay delivers.

Now we’re creating an open developer platform. It’s our goal to deliver amazing experiences for the home. We’ll start by making it easy for you to integrate with us. As a Sonos developer, you’ve got an incredible opportunity to delight your listeners by building on our platform.


We want to help you take advantage of that opportunity, so we’ve put together our Sound Experience Guidelines. These guidelines reflect the insight gained from many years of ongoing thinking about how sound should be experienced in the home, out loud with friends and family. As you build your application on the Sonos platform, consider these guidelines and let them help you deliver joyful experiences.

We are convinced that Sound is the Soul of the Home. So we built the best possible Home Sound System. Designed for the way we live. That humanizes home audio. By making home listening easier, more accommodating and sonically awesome. This cannot be done alone. Let’s build great things together.