When a favorite song comes on, listeners may want to crank the volume. They can do that from the Sonos app, from a Sonos device, with their voice, or from your app. Your experience should make it clear to the listener how they can change volume. You should make it clear to a listener what will happen when they change volume. Does it affect the whole group? Does it only change volume for an individual speaker in a group?

Remember that your app is a participant in the continuity of control offered by the Sonos Sound Platform. Your app needs to reflect volume changes that happen elsewhere.

Normalize Volume

When your app connects to Sonos to send content playback there, you should note the current volume level of the Sonos group. You should adjust your app’s volume to match. You should not change the current Sonos volume without the listener’s express intent.


  • After connecting to a Sonos player or group, adjust your app’s volume interface to match the player’s or group’s current volume.
volume normalization

Control Player and Group Volume

Your app should control group volume and individual volume.

group volume


  • Control group volume, and optionally individual volume either via digital or physical interface.
  • Reflect external volume changes where appropriate in your app.
  • Do not change Sonos volume without express listener intent.