Sonos version 10.2 API update

In Sonos version 10.2, we added the following:

  • Add programmed radio — With programmed radio, you can offer a generated sequence of tracks to listeners. You can generate tracks based on user preferences. Listeners can steer content by rating or skipping tracks. You can set polices to control the number of times listeners can skip content. You can also include ads that listeners cannot skip. You can offer programmed radio that follows Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) requirements.
  • Add reporting — Sonos players can send reports to your service for certain actions. These reports may be useful to comply with monetization policies from content owners or to meet DMCA requirements. This replaces SMAPI reporting.
  • Download the Sonos WSDL — Added the Sonos WSDL to the SOAP requests and responses section. The Sonos Web Services Description Language (WSDL) file defines the SOAP endpoints, requests, and responses used by Sonos players and apps. Content Service partners can use the WSDL for development and testing. It was previously hosted on Sonos Labs.
  • trackList.program — Added this new container type to identify a programmed list of tracks, such as on a programmed radio station. Programmed radio periodically updates the finite list of tracks to give the perception of an infinite list of tracks. See Add programmed radio for details.
  • Submit your service — Instead of a “beta” phase, we have a “preview” phase that better describes the release process for Content Service partners.
  • Bug fix: On the playerSettings page, we incorrectly stated that the Beam supports monoMode. It is not the Beam that supports this mode, but the Amp.

See Release notes for Sonos software for customer-facing features.