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The Sonos platform

We’re building the sound platform for the connected home and beyond, and we can’t do it alone. This portal has all the tools and information you need to develop new experiences and integrations for the Sonos sound system.
Create new sound experiences

Create new sound experiences

Use the Sonos platform to design sound for any use and every space. Develop an app that turns a home into a live music festival. Design a morning alarm that starts the day with soothing sounds and a weather report. Your app can put the sound right where it fits best.
Easy and intuitive control

Easy and intuitive control

We designed the Sonos platform to work seamlessly across all the touchpoints you use to control your home. Start a song from an app. Pause from your universal remote when someone rings the doorbell. Set a sleep timer in the bedroom that stops the music and turns the lights out. Use the giant living room TV to create a visual counterpoint to the music. The Sonos platform lets you build integrations to control and follow the sound everywhere.
All the sounds that matter

All the sounds that matter

Bring Sonos listeners the world’s most interesting sounds by putting your podcast on Sonos, unlocking bonus tracks on your album, or creating the perfect mix of rolling waves for deep REM sleep. The Sonos platform makes it easy to get sound started however users want.

Get inspired

Pandora and Sonos


All the music from the app you love directly to your home sound system. Building on the Sonos platform, Pandora created a first-class experience, combining their engaging interface and the brilliant sound only Sonos can provide.


With Sonos integrated into a Control4 system, you can access your Favorites and control music via touchscreen, remote, voice commands, and the Control4 App. Let Sonos be your soundtrack, and let Control4 bring it to life.’s Sonos partnership adds smart home control for music and audio content. A single tap to the app disarms the security system, unlocks the front door, turns on the lights and triggers a playlist through Sonos.
Works with Sonos

Certified partners

We expect to be able to listen to our favorite songs, podcasts, and radio stations everywhere we go. We also expect our devices and music services to work together like magic. Our Works with Sonos program certifies products that seamlessly connect with the Sonos sound system. The badge helps people choose products that meet Sonos’s standards for design and sound. Read more here.